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Velasquez Law Group, LLC was founded in July of 2013 by Amy L. Velasquez with the assistance and support of Paralegal Nancy Sanchez and Sangeetha Krishnakumar, who officially joined the firm in January of 2014.


Our firm focuses on excellent client relations through honest evaluation of cases, consistent communication and hard work. We believe it is a privilege to serve the people of West Georgia. We also have clients in Tennessee, South and North Carolina, North Dakota, Texas, California and many other locations.


Since our opening we have grown exponentially and now have a full time Paralegal, Nancy Galo, and a part time Legal Assistant, Lorena Guzman. In addition, we provide internship opportunities for Carrollton High School Seniors, UWG students and others.


We hope to continue our growth while maintaining our client centered approach to practicing law. With the help of family, friends and above all, God, we look forward to a successful future.





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