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Although the firm's primary focus is immigration law, we are also experienced in general civil litigation. We are happy to discuss your legal matter with you to determine if we can assist you.

Attorney's Fees

Velasquez Law Group, LLC charges an initial consultation fee of $250 for immigration matters. During the initial consultation the attorney will provide you with an explanation of the immigration process and possible outcomes for your case.

For most legal services, Velasquez Law Group, LLC offers a flat fee. No two cases are alike and, accordingly, no two fees will be the same.

Since the amount of time needed on your case can never be predicted with precision, your attorney will do her best, during the initial consultation with you, to estimate the work involved in your case and base her fee accordingly. Velasquez Law Group, LLC will also advise you of any costs that will be involved, such as USCIS filing fees, National Visa Center fees, postage, and courier fees. There may be variables that cannot be anticipated in any legal case, but Velasquez Law Group, LLC will make an honest effort to try to help you determine and anticipate all the costs involved from the outset of the case.

Temporary Protected Status ("TPS"), U Visas, VAWA visas, Affirmative Asylum Applications

Velasquez Law Group, LLC is experienced at handling TPS renewals and has won several appeals of TPS revocations. We are experienced at handling U Visa (crime victim's visa) and VAWA (battered women's visa) cases with dedication and compassion.


We will also assist you with the filing of your affirmative asylum application if you are unable to return to your home country for certain reasons. We understand that immigration is a complex area of the law with very high stakes. We strive to never forget that our representation affects families and lives.

Complex immigration matters

Velasquez Law Group, LLC handles complicated immigration matters competently and professionally, including: Removal (deportation) defense, representation in ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement) matters, NACARA and asylum cases, among others.


Lawful permanent residents (also known as green card holders) of the United States, who meet the eligibility requirements, can apply to naturalize, or become United States Citizens. Some of the requirements are:


  1. Be 18 years of age or above.

  2. A lawful permanent resident for 5 years (3 years if married to a US citizen).

  3. Have maintained continuous residence during the past 5 years (3 years if married to a US citizen).

  4. Have maintained physical presence during the past 5 years (3 years if married to a US citizen).

  5. Have good moral character.

  6. Have basic knowledge of English.

  7. Have basic knowledge of US government and history.

  8. Be willing to take the Oath of Allegiance.


Velasquez Law Group, LLC is ready to assist you with becoming a citizen. We can evaluate your case for potential problems or roadblocks in the citizenship process and help you navigate the process.


Our Clients Say

Nuestra experiencia es muy gratificante desde un inicio, todo ha sido lleno de comunicación, profesionalismo y rápido. Gracias a todo el equipo de VLG

Familia Shion

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